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marie peter said:   July 20, 2017 4:31 pm PST
Do anyone still doubt natural herbs? Am NOT the 1st person to be cured of Aids. Dr. JOHN help cured a few himself and won a case in court because the government claimed it was impossible. Every disease known to man can be cured, diabetes, cancer, even Herpes.. God gave us all the natural resources we need right on earth. The government is just so greedy that they want us to depend on them for a healthy life and charge us ridiculously for it. I reach him and he applied his herbal medicine on me and i bounce back to my previous health status in case u want to reach him for a similar issue u can call his email address. Email: { } call or whats-app +2347064365391 Or contact him hesitate to email him, Or Whatsapp me +19168487836 Brad Darnasha

Nancy McFadden said:   July 2, 2017 1:45 pm PST
We have been vacationing in Omena for 30 years at the Rule Cottage. This year I went online to see what's new in the area and found this wonderful gem which our grandkids LOVED! Marty and Cherry were wonderful hosts for a very laid back, informative, touching, unrushed tour of their animal sanctuary. I was very touched by their compassion and love for these animals and thoroughly enjoyed every moment we spent with them. I highly recommend this wonderful place to any animal lovers. A peak at what heaven must be like...full of unconditional love and grace and happiness. Thank you for your hospitality. It was a high point of our vacation this year. God bless you for your tenderness and care for animals and your open arms to all of us.

frank said:   June 30, 2017 2:59 pm PST
I Am thomas mark from ALEXANDRA, GAUTENG. i created this page to give hope and support to those infected with HIV/AIDS its not the end of the world. I was once a patient of Hiv for 7 years without any form of support or antiroviral medication until i was introduced to a native doctor from Nigeria who i met and prepared and gave me a native medicine i had to take for 30 days when i got back home i was discouraged with the nature of the medicine but my mother encouraged me and i took it for 30 days according to the instructions he gave me. And to my greatest suprise a week later i went for a test and it was stated that i am negative with CD4 COUNT OF 1800 it was not something i could say out that moment i cried and thank God for giving me a second chance to leave a free life again. I made a promise to him that am going to publish his work with the best way i can if i get my healing for sure. i have been discriminated and fooled by people just because i was infected thinking its the end of my life. PLEASE I WANT TO URGE YOU LIVING WITH THIS DISEASE NOT TO CONTACT ANY OF THIS ONLINE DOCTORS THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS. THIS IS Dr or whastpp him +2348109666966 thank

Jenifer Luis said:   June 27, 2017 11:38 am PST
All thanks to Dr home cure, I am here to share a good testimony of my self on how i came in contact with a real herbalist who helped me. i appreciate everyone for taken their precious time to read my testimony, 6 months ago i was diagnosed of hiv/aids this means that 6months ago i was hiv/aids positive when i told one of my good friend about this, she sympathized with me and then she said that she was going to help me out, she told me that we should do some research on the internet, we came across Dr home cure and my friend said that she has come across a lot about him and said that he is a real herbalist remedy to all illness, i was really surprised on this and confused as well, I was so speechless and quickly i contact him to help me and he prepared some herbs for me and send it across to me and he told me the way i was going to be taken the medicine which i did, and in the next 2 weeks i went to the hospital and they said that i am now hiv/aids negative, i am very happy about this, when i contacted Dr home cure again to tell him the good result , i asked him how he was able to help me, and he said that he was gifted with it that he can cure illness like. call and whatspp Dr home cure: +2347053160384 email him

marie peter said:   June 20, 2017 11:05 am PST
I want to let the world know about Dr tunde herbal cure is 100% Guarantee percent sure to cure your. HIV/AIDS ,He is only person that i can boldly say he can cure any types of Disease.i was having HIV for more than 3 year when i meant Dr tunde online on how he has cured so many people and how greatly he has helped many individuals online,so i contacted him and explained my situation to him and behold i was cure with his herbal medicine and now am living happily, so to anyone issue on hiv/aids challenges i advised that you contact he can also cure any disease such as(1) HIV/AIDS(2) HEPATITIS B,(3)DIABETICS,(4)CANCER,(5)HERPES(6)He can also bring back your ex back,He is the great herbalist man called Dr.tunde i must say a big thanks for curing my HIV, i own you in return. Thanks and be blessed sir.his Mobile number+2348131835276

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