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  Black Sheep Crossing
Farm Animal Sanctuary

Spreading out over 100 acres on a quiet country road, there are six fenced pastures for the larger animals, while the pigs, dogs, and cats roam a four-acre fenced-in yard.  The barns, aviary, and shelters have been modified to accommodate the diverse needs of all the animals.

The Scotts care for 73 animals, including five Standard donkeys, two Miniature donkeys, a Quarter horse, a Welsh pony and her daughter (a mule), three pot-bellied pigs, one guinea fowl, five chickens, four peacocks, twenty-two barn cats, five goats, a Jersey cow, a sheep, five dogs, eight house cats, two Scottish Highland steers, an African Grey parrot, a Sun Conure, finches, and a cockatiel.

Through Vets, animal control, farrier, and word of mouth, the menagerie at BSC has grown from three to as many as 165 critters.  Some were the 'black sheep' of their family, but all that changes when they come to live out their lives with love and dignity at BSC.

Over the years, Marty and Cherry have worked together, even owned businesses together, but they had always had separate hobbies.  When they purchased the farm, they discovered that they both had a passion for animals.  Cherry said, "It is just amazing how they've changed our lives and hopefully we've changed theirs."
All the animals at the farm seem happy and  they all seem to get along fine.  When a new animal is introduced, Cherry explains to the 'residents' how they were once the 'new kid on the block' and that they need to welcome the newcomer - and Cherry thinks it really does seem to work!

When a new animal needs a name, they are often named after friends and people who live in the village of Northport.  There is even a 'waiting list' of those wanting an animal named after them.

At this time the Sanctuary is at full capacity and is not accepting new animals.

Peacock, Guinea Hens, Amercaucana  Chicken - in the newly updated outdoor  aviary addition pictured above left.

Clarence and Reuben.
He lost his first tooth!!

One of our fundraising efforts is to provide the tours of the sanctuary.  We are NOT a petting zoo or an agri-tourist farm  There are no corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hayrides, playgrounds or snack bars!  The Black Sheep Crossing Animal Sanctuary is not an entertainment destination.

BSC is a peaceful safe haven where special needs, ill, abused, neglected, and/or homeless animals come to live the remainder of their lives with love, comfort, dignity, and respect.  

We provide informational and educational tours for adults and mature young people interested in helping us continue the operation of the Sanctuary.  If young children join the tour, they must be closely supervised by an adult.  

We hope you will be touched by the needs of the animals who reside here, 'put your money where your heart is', and make a tax-deductible contribution or become a sponsor. 100% of your donation goes directly to the care of the animals.

BSC is operated on a critter - not human - time schedule; their care and comfort depends on maintaining a daily routine.  We are open May through October for informational tours at 9 AM only.  An appointment is necessary. Call as far in advance as possible to schedule a visit. 
Questions and/or appointments regarding tours cannot be made via email or Facebook. All visits and tours must be arranged by calling 231-386-7234, before 7 pm.

Newcomer Sweetie meets a Pot Bellied Pig!!!

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