The Mission

Marty & Cherry Scott are the life and energy behind the mission of Black Sheep Crossing.  When they purchased the farm, using the facility as an animal sanctuary hadn't yet crossed their minds.  Since the barns were collapsing, a barn restorer was called in; when the barns were done, their first thought was that it would be a shame not to have a few animals in the barns.  How to fill them became apparent when they began receiving calls from area animal control officers and veterinarians regarding the re-homing of abandoned and/or abused farm animals.

And the rest is history.  People often
ask how the name for BSC came to be.  Some assume that it was named after a particular animal.  But that couldn't be furthest from the truth, because the Sanctuary was named after Marty, who himself had been labeled the black sheep of his family - his birth unplanned, unwanted; there was abuse and neglect.  But he found a kindred spirit in Cherry, and together they share their passion for caring for animals of all sizes and species.

...who better then, to look into the eyes of an animal, into the depths of its soul, and to understand its innermost need?  The mission of BSC cannot be defined by a slogan; this mission is a living, breathing expression of love and compassion in action.
"It is an ongoing learning experience - not only in terms of the maintenance and care of the variety of animals, but the miracles of what they give back to us as well.  We have learned patience, experienced joy and sorrow, love, laughter, and heartbreak.  Most of all we have learned a great deal about ourselves as humans." - Marty & Cherry Scott
The Black Sheep Crossing Farm Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1998 just outside of Northport, MI, a picturesque and scenic little village close to the tip of Northern Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula. In 2007 the Scotts applied for and received federal and state recognition as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The couple, recognized for their ceaseless l
abor and love for animals,  greatly enjoy the support and admiration of the people of their community, as well as many throughout the country who see their work and support the animals with sponsorships.
"From one earth keeper to another - thank you for the love and energy you pass on from the creator... a love beyond the words we use in our English language... I send you thanks with the energy only animals can pass on... the true and powerful light, love and peace one can only learn from looking animals in the eye and feeling the life changing energy they give... this is the benevolent beautiful gratitude I offer you as a light worker, healer, and animal communicator." - a comment directed to the Scotts, taken from a review on
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